Memory care in Louisville, KY

Memory Care

Our goal is to be known as the community's best resource for education on all things senior living. We ask potential residents numerous questions so we can truly listen to you and discover how we can provide the best solutions for your particular needs.

Reading a book in memory care at Creekside on Bardstown in Louisville, KY

Signs it might be time for memory support:

  • Memory loss that impacts health, such as forgetting to eat or take medication
  • Noticeable physical changes, such as weight fluctuations
  • Neglect of personal care
  • Unnecessary purchases or hoarding
  • Lashing out at caregivers or loved ones
  • Becoming emotionally volatile and disruptive
  • Becoming disoriented or getting lost
  • Repeating stories, life events or questions
Nurse with man at Creekside on Bardstown in Louisville, KY
Friends chatting on a bench in Louisville, KY

Our Approach

Using a person-centered approach, we help people living with dementia remain creative and engaged through environmental adaptions, communication and specialized learning techniques, staff training, and cultural and life enrichment programs.

Our approach is tailored to an individual’s cognitive abilities and strengths and has been shown to increase self-esteem and independence while significantly decreasing the anxiety, agitation, aggression and apathy often associated with dementia-related illnesses.

We value and incorporate the qualities of dignity, respect, independence, and choice in every aspect of a resident’s care, experience, and staff interaction. To start learning more, call us, or fill out our contact form at your convenience.